Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Messy Boys!

Every summer since Holden was a baby we have painted with pudding.  It started off pretty calm and then each passing year it has gotten messier and messier.

When I suggested we paint with pudding this week, Rylan was so excited while Holden on the other hand claimed he was "too big" to do that now.  Agggrrr, this growing up is the pits!  I told Rylan I would still make the pudding for him and let him play with it if he wanted but he could decided.  Well, he decided this was his favorite thing to do and wanted to get messy. Surprising, I know.  Since Leyton was napping, I went ahead and made two batches of pudding, just in case Holden changed his mind.

Rylan and I were set up when low and behold, here comes Holden.  I secretly knew he would not miss out on this fun.

These two started out clean but that only lasted a second or two before they were both covered from head to toe and having a blast!

They chased each other, laughed and had a messy fun time together.

The way summer break should be!

The idea of these moments slowly dwindling away has been a tugging at my heart for the past couple of months.  I know they have to grow up, but it just seems so quickly.  Especially with the world we live in.  It seems that they go from these innocent kids to teenagers overnight.  Ahh, just send me back to Mayberry, where times were easier and you could slow down and appreciate these little beings.  By no means am I trying to say my life is hard, but it is busy.  Just keeping up with the day to day life of laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping and everything else, you forget to laugh and take the time to really appreciate these crazy times.   And trust me they are crazy times but that is OK.  So for now, I will accept these moments and memories however I can get them, crazy and all.

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