Friday, August 23, 2013

We finally gave in...

After months of Holden begging to play tackle football, we finally gave in.  However before we gave in, we told Holden he had to come up with three reasons why he wanted to play tackle football instead of flag and one of those reasons could not be "because all of my friends are playing".  Now his reasons he came up with were not that great but he did give it some thought and presented his desire to play.  Hence, this is why we gave in.

Practices began at the end of July three days a week for 2 hours each practice.  Yes, this football thing is a commitment.  Not just a commitment for Holden but for the entire family.  We have sat through many hot, muggy, and even rainy practices in this process!  I suppose this is my life now with three boys.

Finally, this past weekend we had our first scrimmage.  Our team wore our practice jerseys since some of the team does not have their official jerseys yet.  Holden is the one in the tall orange socks...he has his own sense of style.  

                                                       (Holden is the first one on the left)

Holden played Offensive Tackle and did exactly he was suppose to do, block.  He also played Corner back and Safety.

He also made a great tackle, the kid was huge but some how Holden took him down by himself.  Here is the play be play in pictures...

He hustled, listened to his coaches and had a great time playing.  Again, this was just a scrimmage but our Stallions won, 7-0.  Not too bad for alot of these first time players.

Our opposing team was Holden's buddy Charlie.  Don't these two look like teenagers!

Gosh, I can not get over it.

Our first official game is this weekend so stay tuned.  I am sure it will be an exciting one as we cheer on our little boys of fall.

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