Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend in Tennessee {Part I}

Thursday after Vacation Bible School and after we headed to Tennessee.  This was a bit of a last minute trip.  With school starting soon and practices beginning, I knew this would only be the only time we would be able to go.

After visiting with my family Friday morning, we decided to go on an adventure to the Tennessee Safari.  Not exactly knowing what to expect when we pulled up, I think we were all a little surprised.  First, let me paint the picture for you, we pull up in a minivan with Ohio plates and then when they told us that you feed the animals from the car....yep we were all in shock.  YIKES!  I thought we would go on a bus or something with a guide but oh no, we were set off into "the wild" on our own.

As you can see, the animals were waiting on us and I am quite certain they were thinking who are these yuppies?!  But we continued on...our first little encounter was a sweet deer, harmless.

And then the ostriches....WOW!

They were aggressive and to be honest, quite scary!  Even with the windows rolled up they were tapping on the window.

Kevin was the only brave one to feed them.

We drove on through the safari and fed several other animals which were pretty calm.

Until all of a sudden, it was the like the charging of the bulls except these were Emus (I think) either way, again scary.

Of course Rylan was loving this and you may wonder where Holden was, in the back on the floor yelling for Rylan to close the window and get out of here!  Yep, I think he gets his fears from me!

Finally we made our way out safely and then head to the walking path.  A little less scary, they fed the goats and the giraffe.

Poor little Leyton was not used to the Tennessee heat and humidity and was just looking for some cool air.

Well, our time at the safari was exciting to say the least.  I have a feeling we will be talking about this adventure for months to come especially with all the funny stories.  First Holden jumping over the seats to get to the back for "safety", Rylan calling the ostriches "the mean big guys", Kevin thinking the animals were "out to get us" and well, I think it is safe to say that my crew has lived in the city way too long we are turning into as my cousins would say, "City Slickers!"   Good times and funny memories that is fore sure!

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