Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend in Tennessee {Part II}

The boys love going to visit my family in Tennessee.  They are so funny, the days leading up to our visit they usually talk about what they are going to do, who they are going to see and so forth.  Holden especially loves waking up extra early and having breakfast with my Granddaddy.  It is so funny!  He is like a little old man, he will sit in the kitchen with Granddaddy and just talk to him.  Not sure what they talk about but I am sure he gets an ear full.

Every trip we usually make our way out to Granddaddy's garden, his pride and joy.  Everything was in full bloom!

Rylan went straight to picking.

Holden decided he would help cut the grass.  I think if we lived closer, this would be the perfect job for him.

My cousin Paul taught the boys to shell.  Not old school shelling by hand but with the sheller.  This kept them busy for a while.

Our time in Tennessee is usually short, so we try to pack in as much time with family as possible.  We went swimming with my cousin's little boy Luke and the boys instantly fell in love with him.

Rylan and Luke were like two peas in a pod.  They swam and ran around together doing what little boys do.

Before we went swimming, my Aunt Becky told us to be back by 5:30 to eat dinner with everyone.  Not thinking much of it, we drove up to this....

My aunt had planned a surprise party for me.

I was totally surprised!  We walked in to a house full of family and tons of food.  Everything was my favorite color too, PINK!  My Aunt Becky had outdone herself!  My sister, mom, Aunt Rhonda, and even Granddaddy helped to get everything together while we were gone.  Just look at all of these yummies!

Again, Holden and Rylan were in heaven with all the family and kids to play with.  They especially liked the playing a family game of woof all ball.   My friend Jaime stopped by with her kids too.

Along with the sign on the front porch there was a vase of surprise lilies.

The story behind these lilies is that my Memaw planted these at my Aunt Rhonda's house a couple of years ago by the creek.  While she was out walking around that day, she saw that they were blooming.  She said it was a sign that she could not miss the party.

Since we all know my Memaw loved a good party!

We ended the night with cake and ice cream.

A great visit with family and a wonderful surprise party.  No wonder the kids did not want to come back Sunday morning, it was one non stop party.

On a side note, I am kicking myself for not taking pictures with all my of my family and more from the party but I promise, it was a good time had by all!

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