Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Weekend Recap

Kevin's parents and sister came to visit this past weekend.  And after this weekend, they may need a week to recover.  The boys had Dad-Daddy and Aunt Jen-Jen running around playing hide-and-go seek tag.

While Grammy pulled Leyton in the wagon.

Saturday morning was Rylan's first flag football game.  He was so excited!  Kevin is one the coaches for his little team, the Cougars.  From the looks of Rylan's team, I think it is safe to say they are pretty small.

But that did not discourage our little players, they were running all over the field.

At the last play of the game Rylan got the ball and ran for a......


He was so proud of himself.  A great season opener for Rylan and the Cougars.

The second game of the day was Holden's at 6:30.

He was excited with the thought of possibly being able to play underneath the lights for at least part of the game.  (Jerseys finally came in and Holden is number 11)

Holden played a couple of different positions throughout the game and each time he hustled out to get into his position.

Each time he tried his best but his best tackle came at the last play of the game and underneath the lights, Sycamore was stopped which resulted in a WIN for the Stallions 6-0!!!

A great weekend visit with family and a great weekend of football with the boys, even my beloved Ole Miss Rebels won too!

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