Monday, September 2, 2013

Holden turns 8!!!

Friday was a big day around our house, Holden turned 8!  Gosh, I feel like I just came home from the hospital with him. But instead, eight years have flown by.  Since Friday was a school day, Holden was up bright and early.  I made birthday waffles this year for breakfast.

He was so excited for school because his teacher makes a big deal out of birthdays.  She decorates their desk, sits beside them at lunch and even has the kids hide after lunch to surprise the birthday child. I almost forgot at lunch the entire lunch room sings Happy Birthday and he gets to pass out his birthday treats to his classmates.  In other words, it's like a party at school.

This year, Holden really wanted to have a baseball party.  I tried to talk him into taking a couple of friends to a baseball game but he wanted nothing to do with it, he wanted a baseball party where they could play baseball. So I granted his birthday wish and had a baseball party at the park.  The park I chose was first come first serve.  With it not being baseball season, I did not think that would be an issue and it was not.  The park was completely empty when I went to set-up.  Which was nice!

Since baseball was the theme, I made Baseball cookies, oreo pops, cupcakes, popcorn and birthday cake.

This birthday boy was so excited.

Once all his buddies arrived, they grabbed their Gatorade and began their game of baseball.

Kevin and I both decided that it would be safest not to use baseballs, we did not want injuries at this birthday party.  So instead we used tennis balls. Our other rule was, there were NO strike outs.  Not knowing everyone's skill level, we wanted each child to get a hit and have a fun time.  The kids were so funny and so serious about the game, they were hustling and hitting so well.

 Oh and the dirt,  I think each child decided it was the best idea to slide into each base!

Finally, we took a break for the game to each some game food, hotdogs, chips, and watermelon.

We sang Happy Birthday,

and then the kids ran to the field to play again.

I can honestly say, all of the kids had a great time.  None of them wanted to leave!  But before leaving each guest signed Holden's birthday ball and these ball players took home treat bags with a baseball and big league chew.

Several Dads stayed to play and they all said what a great group of kids.  They even suggested meeting up again in a couple of weeks for another baseball night, "A Date with Dad at the Fields."  Which I think the boys would love!

Holden's idea for a baseball party was a home run! It was just what this birthday boy wanted friends, food, and a good old fashion baseball game.  Happy 8th Birthday Holden, we love you!!  


Amber said...

Happy Birthday Holden!!!!!!!
Liz you are an AWESOME mom. Your boys are going to have so many wonderful memories!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your sweet compliments Amber!