Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rylan turns 5!

It has been one non-stop party around here!   Our wild man Rylan turned 5!  A couple weeks ago when I asked Rylan what type party he wanted he said he did not want one because his buddy Grant could not come because he moved. (Pitiful, I know) But I knew if I did not do something to celebrate his birthday he would feel left out so I convinced him to have a little something.  After Holden's party Rylan quickly decided he wanted a party and he wanted it to be a football theme.  With the birthday boys request Sunday we had a Tailgate 5th Birthday Party.

I am sure some of the party looks familiar from a couple of years back but that's what Rylan wanted.  Going with the tailgate theme, we had football cookies, football brownies, popcorn, watermelon, and pizza.

Rylan's one big request for his party is that he wanted to play a game of flag football.

Once everyone arrived, the boys quickly grabbed a Gatorade and began their game of flag football.

These little guys were so cute huddling up before each play.

Rylan was thrilled with each flag he pulled, especially those from Holden.

There were many touchdowns and fun from these boys.

We took a break from the game for pizza and cake.

Rylan was thrilled to have the attention all on him.

After cake it was back to the big game.

The birthday boy was so glad he decided to have a party but most of all he enjoyed this time with his friends.

Monday was Rylan's official birthday so it was birthday pancakes and presents to start his day.

I must have had a lapse in judgement with his gift this year but he has been asking for a skateboard for several you can see, I gave in and he love it.  He practiced all day learning to ride his new skateboard and actually has great balance.

Another birthday, which means another one of our boys is growing up way too fast.  Happy 5th Birthday Rylan!

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