Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rylan's First Day of Pre-K

Tuesday was Rylan first day of Pre-K.  To start his day, I decorated the breakfast table just for his big day.

Ever since Holden started back to school, Rylan has been ready to go.  However, when the day finally rolled around, he was excited but a little apprehensive about his new class.

I tried to soothe his fears and he seemed fine as we walked into school.

First he found his name and we went on a scavenger hunt around his room.  After we found all of the items on the list, it was time for me to leave.

And that would be when Rylan decide he was time for him to leave too.  YIKES!  After a little pep talk about how Leyton and I would be back to pick him up, he settled down and went on to play blocks.  At pick up, he said he had fun and even met a new friend.  Thank goodness!   And just like Holden's first day, I had treats for him after school.

Fingers crossed he has the same excitement as he did at pick up today. I am sure it will take Rylan a few days to really get back into the groove of school but as soon as he does,  Pre-K will never be the same after this one.  When they asked me to describe my child, all I could come up with was, "He is full of life!"  Trust me, it is not a bad quality to be excited about everything.  That makes Rylan, Rylan and what we love most about him!

I am praying for a great year with lots of laughs and wonderful memories.

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