Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Months Old!

Lovable Leyton is 10 months old and into everything!  This months pictures were a bit of a challenge.  As soon as I put on his sticker, Leyton pulled it off and put it in his mouth.

Then once I put it back on, he was off and crawling...

But who could resist this sweet little face.

This past month he started pulling up and letting go, but no steps yet. (Thank goodness!)

Instead, he is a speed crawler!  Wow, this little guy can really get around.  He has also started talking.  His first word was "Momma" and now he says "Momma" all the time.  I can not believe our little babe will be ONE in two short months.  But for now, we will enjoy our little lovable 10 month old.

Happy 10 Months sweet boy!

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