Thursday, October 17, 2013

Field Trip Friday {Part II}

This past Friday, Rylan's preschool class went on another field trip.  This time we visited Schappachers Farm.  As you may recall we visited this farm last fall when Rylan was in the 4's class however, each time we go, it is always a fun experience.  Farmer Butch greeted us and told us all about the farm.  He first talked about the different types of corn and how he uses them around the farm.

Then we headed over to feed the cows.

What an adventure!  Rylan jumped right up to the fence when they were give permission, hence no picture!

We then fed the donkeys and went to see the turkeys.

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!

Finally, we headed out to the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin.

 Rylan search and searched and finally found his perfect one.

We finished off our field trip to farm with popcorn and juice.  These little ones were happy, happy, happy.

Before we left the farm I bought a couple of ears of corn for popping and as soon as we got home, Rylan wanted to try them out.    So we placed this ear of corn in a bag and then into the microwave.

After a few minutes, we had popcorn right off the cob.

I had never tried this before and was just as excited as Rylan was.
Granted it did not pop as well as I had thought it would but Rylan did not seem to mind and ate it off the cob!

Another fun Field Trip Friday in the memory books.

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