Saturday, October 5, 2013

Field Trip Friday

Rylan's preschool class visited the Fire Station on Friday.  Since it was not too far from school, we walked to the station, which was just as much fun as touring the station.

Once we were there, Fireman John gave the kids a lesson on fire safety and even demonstrated Stop, Drop & Roll.

We toured the station and their living quarters but the kids favorite part was taking peek into the fire trucks.

 Rylan listened carefully to Fireman John, especially when he talked about all of their tools.  Rylan has declared that when he grows up he will be a fireman, along with the other dozen jobs he plans on having.  The dreams of a 5 year old, got to love them!  

It was a fun morning spent with these preschoolers at Fire Station 52.  Next Friday they are off on another Field Trip again.  I've declared it "Field Trip Friday".

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