Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Football has come to an end

I am a little late posting, but both Holden and Rylan's football seasons have come to an end.  Holden's regular season ended about two weekends ago.  His last game of the season ended with a win.  

We played his friend Charlie again and despite the score, they were still friends after.

With the regular season over, we played in a tournament the following weekend.  Little did we know this tournament would be filled with All-Star team.  This is when a district takes the best kids from several teams to make one team.  This also was a tournament without a weight limit!  Talk about some HUGE boys.  I went to the game on Saturday, which was a beat down!  We lost 26-0.  Leyton and I decided not to go to the game on Sunday but during the game, Kevin text me and described a couple of players as "being 2 biscuits short of 150."  In other words, the team was huge, and again we lost.  Not exactly the outcome we had hoped for but it was just a tournament.  The boys took their loss in stride.

After having my reservations about tackle football, I will have to admit the season went really well.  Holden learned a lot, had some great plays and really enjoyed playing with this group of boys.  So much that we have already committed to playing again next fall with the same team.

Rylan's flag football season ended the same weekend.  This little guy was so excited all season.  These pictures of Rylan running through the tunnel at the beginning of the season describes just how much he loves everything he does.

The last game was frigid but that did not stop Rylan from running his "moves" for a touchdown.

This little guy is such a mess!!

His season was fi;;ed with touchdowns, flag pulls and lots of fun.  He had a blast playing and especially with his Dad as the coach.  He is already planning his next season too.  Basketball practice begins in two weeks, I am not sure the boys will know what to do with their free time but I am sure we will find something to do.

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