Monday, December 2, 2013

Pioneer Woman comes to town!

I have been following Pioneer Woman's blog for several years now.  I even have all of her cookbooks.  And I must say, I am obsessed with her show on Food Network.  Oh how I would love to live on that ranch!  The boys would not know what to do with all that land.

 So when I heard she was coming into town for a book signing, I knew I had to go.  She was here two years ago and my friend Sarah and I went together and had so much fun.  But since she moved to Minnesota, I convinced my friend Christa to go with me.  As expected, she was just as nice as she seems in person.  She signed cookbooks for me and her children's book "Charlie the Ranch Dog" for the boys.

Such a fun night meeting Pioneer Woman!  Now it is time to start cooking up some of her recipes for her holiday cookbook!

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