Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving in Georgia

We drove down to Georgia for Thanksgiving and it was anything but easy.  The weather was terrible from Ohio until about Knoxville but the views were beautiful.

Thankfully, the boys are pretty good travelers and Leyton slept for part of the trip.

Just look at that precious face!  Once we finally made it to Kevin's parents it was late.  But do not worry, the next morning the boys were up early and ready to play.   First there was loving on Aunt Jen-Jen.

Then there was a friendly game of football.

Some people took the game a little too seriously and kicked the ball,

had some intense huddles

and of course there was plenty of tackling Daddy.

Then there was Thanksgiving dinner and plenty of football watching.  Dad-daddy and Grammy hung Christmas lights before we came and let the boys light them for the first time, which they really enjoyed.

 Black Friday I went out to do a little bit of shopping but most of the time we hung out at the house.  While we were there, the boys received a special delivery from the North Pole and our Elf Christian arrived.

I am sure he will bring lots of mischief and magic this holiday season.  Early Saturday morning we headed back to Ohio to beat the holiday traffic and to celebrate our little guys 1st Birthday (but more on that later.).  It was a great Thanksgiving filled with blessings and love.

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nicole said...

Happy 1st birthday to your sweet guy! He is just too cute! I am wondering if you ever sleep...:) Hope you have a very merry Christmas!