Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 52}

Here a recap of the last week of 2014!!!

Candlelight service and Christmas Eve excitement! {December 24}

Toys are all over the family room and my house is a disaster.  However, cleaning can wait until tomorrow because I believe we are all in what I like to call a Christmas coma.  Merry Christmas y'all!{December 25}

Ice skating with this crazy crew! {December 26}

After all the sweets this week, it's a much needed salad kind of night. {December 27}

Our church is hosting a "worship where you are" experience this Sunday.  So instead of rushing around getting kids dressed and out the door on time, it was pajamas, coffee and Sunday morning church at home.  {December 28}

The boys have decided that the view of the Capital glass ceiling looks better laying on the floor.

There were tons of fearless kids, including my own, but my niece Allie and I survived skating at the Ice Pond.  {December 29}

Life in a small Wisconsin town.  {December 30}


Cheers!  Happy New Year!!{December 31}

A year of Everyday Joys complete!  Looking forward to 2015 and many more memories and joys! 

Christmas 2014

I am sure I say this every year but the month of December has flown by.  I honestly can not believe that Christmas has already come and gone.

Kevin's family flew into Milwaukee last Sunday.  We had a family gathering at his cousins house that day.  We were able to meet the Port side of the family and spend some time with them.

We traveled back home that night while Kevin's family stayed to visit.

Monday we were tourist in our new city.  We visited the lights downtown where only in Wisconsin will you see Green Bay Packers and Badgers in a Christmas light display.

We stopped by for a quick picture at the capital with Aunt Jen-Jen and two of the three boys.

Tuesday, we were out and exploring again. We first visited the Mustard Museum.  I know, who knew we had such a thing in Madison?


Seriously, anything and everything you wanted to know about mustard could be found here.  Crazy but interesting.


Next to the museum is the best little diner.

We have taken the boys and they absolutely love it.  We could not leave empty handed so we picked up an apple pie.  My father inlaw has professed that it is the best apple pie he has ever eaten.   Next stop, the Botanical Gardens Holiday Trains.

The boys were so impressed, not because of the trains, but because of the Lego exhibit that accompanied the trains.

They were impressive.

Christmas Eve we decorated cookies for Santa.

Thankfully, Santa loves red icing and lots of sprinkles!  Wow, I totally forgot how messy decorating cookies is with a toddler.


Lets just say I will be finding sprinkles for the next couple of months.

These are this years creations.

We attended our church Christmas Eve candlelight service.  There is just something about Christmas carols and candlelight that makes you remember the true meaning of Christmas.

The kids were super excited about Christmas Eve that they could hardly contain themselves.


We put cookies out for Santa, oats for his reindeer and settled in for a good night sleep.

Thankfully, Santa found our new address and left lots of goodies for the boys.

Bright and early the kids were up and ready to see what Santa brought.

Hockey sticks, ice skates, lessons and bow and arrows were the top gifts this year for the older boys.

Leyton loved his tools and trains the best.


The aftermath of Christmas…movies and dessert instead of clean.

We played games and went ice skating (that deserves a post on its own.) on Friday.

As usually Christmas has gone by way too fast.  Now we are onto getting settled and seeing what the new year will bring us.  Merry Christmas!