Monday, January 20, 2014

Basketball Season has begun!

Basketball season has begun for the boys.  This is Rylan's first year to play and he is loving it.  Now his little team at times they seem a little lost but they are so cute.  Rylan, aka Bubba, is hustling and trying his best to make a basket.  Finally he was successful and made his first basket!  He was beyond excited.  He was high-fiving teammates, Coach Dad and pointing at me to make sure I saw him!  This kid is hilarious.  I am sure this season will be an exciting one except for the 8:00 am Saturday morning game time.

Holden's season began too.  This year his team is running plays and they are doing all kinds of exciting stuff.  His games have become pretty entertaining.  The first game, Holden made 5 baskets, which was a record for him.  He is loving playing with his buddies from school and learning all about basketball.  I am certain his season will be a great one.

Now we have moved from football Saturdays to basketball Saturdays and before we know it, it will be baseball season.  Gosh these boys are growing way too fast!  Thankfully, I still have lovable to cuddle up with me during the games.

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