Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 1}

With every new year, I try to come up with goals for the year.  Last year, my goals were ones of survival.  Having three little ones, school, activities and so forth, many times I was overwhelmed but we made it.  This year one of my goals is to have more joy.  Not that I am not happy by any means.  It is that I want to look at the messy parts of our days more joyful.  For example, when Leyton pulls out every piece of tupperware onto the kitchen floor, I want to look at this mess with a joyful heart and know that one day I miss all this.  Or when Holden and Rylan decide they are "Gator Boys" and use my bathtub for catching gators with goggles and snorkels.  These are just bits a pieces of our days but just remembering these moments make me laugh and ones that I do not want to forget.  Sure our days are not perfect but at times I just have to sit back and laugh and know that tomorrow is a new day.  To help me in this effort, I came up with taking a picture of our everyday life each day.   However, I know posting everyday is just not going to happen, I have to be realistic. Instead, I decided to do a weekly post called "Everyday Joys" where I will post a picture from each day.  I will still blog stories and happenings but this will just be an additional post each week highlighting the joys of our everyday life hence the name, Everyday Joys.

Here is our first week….

Kicking off the New Year with a celebration breakfast. {January 1}

Our Weather man called for a dusting of snow however, we had 6 inches. We were excited! 
{January 2}

Building snowmen was our highlight on this cold day. {January 3}

Family Game night! Deer In Headlights has become a favorite around here. {January 4}

He is a climber!  Holden has mastered two of the four climbs on the rock wall at the gym.  {January 5}

A snow day and bitter cold temperatures call for science experiments! {January 6}

Leyton is into everything!  This morning I was trying to make breakfast and this little guy got into my baking cabinet.  Powder sugar was everywhere!  It's a good thing he is so lovable. {January 7}

These little people are growing up so quickly that I hope these daily pictures will help me to appreciate these crazy times and look back on this with a joyful heart.  I have a feeling it will, plus I enjoy taking pictures of our little family.

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