Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 2}

Wednesday was "one of those days".  School was back in session after Christmas Break and two additional snow days.  Everything seemed fine until after supper….Holden had a headache, Rylan was getting in the shower and I was cleaning up.  As I have said before, Leyton has hit the busy stage and is into everything.   I was trying to tend to Holden when I heard a crash.  Leyton was in the pantry and had thrown the top to the crock pot.  This was partly my fault, I have them stored at the bottom of the pantry…yep, big mistake.  I quickly picked him up to make he was not cut.  Luckily, he was fine.  In the meantime,  Rylan, my helper comes running downstairs naked and poor Holden was sick!  Yes, it looked like a war zone!  But I left it all and put Holden and Leyton to bed.  I was walking out of Leyton's room and guess who was waiting for me with the shopvac and a broom?  You guessed it, my sidekick Rylan.   Yes, he is a handful but he is also very helpful.  Especially when he knows that means stalling going to bed!  Thankfully, Thursday was a much better day.   {January 8}

After school games. {January 9}

Friday Night bubble baths are the best. {January 10}

Daddy is the best playmate. I know I said one picture but we have three kids and they all had to ride on daddy's shoulders.  {January 11}

I finally took the kids to see the movie FROZEN.  It was wonderful! {January 12}

Brotherly Love. {January 13}

I made Melting Snowman cookies for Slipper Day at school. {January 14}

And that was our week of Everyday Joys.

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