Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 3}

And this is what 5:00 looks like at our house.  I am trying to get supper finished and poor little Leyton is wrapped around my legs.  This is exactly why I prepare our meals ahead of time, to avoid the 5:00 witching hour.  {January 15}

Snow started falling and Rylan plopped up on the counter top to watch.  Notice the cookie spoon he is licking.  This little guy is living the good life! {January 16}

More snow!!!  Rylan volunteered to shovel the driveway before we went to pick up Holden from school.  He loves to stay busy!{January 17}

Basketball Saturday! {January 18}

After church, I took Holden and Rylan swimming at the gym with friends.  Of course,  we could not leave with climbing the rock wall.  Rylan finally made it to the top after months of trying.  {January 19}

Just a typical Monday night, I finished bathing Leyton and Rylan jumped into his baby tub!  These two are like two peas in a pod! {January 20}

More snow and a snow day!  We brought a little snow inside for Leyton to play with and he loved it!  I will post more on this sweet "joy" soon. {January 21}

It has been a week of cold temperatures,  snow and lots of little joys.

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