Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 4}

This past week was one filled with snow, fun, sleepovers, cuddles, and more snow.

Here's the recap….

Early morning cuddles.  {January 22}

I know Valentine's Day is still a couple of weeks out but Rylan and I worked on his school Valentine cards.  {January 23}

Sleepover fun!!  Holden had his buddy Grant over for a sleepover.  Not sure there was a lot of sleeping going on but there sure were a lot of laughs and giggles. {January 24}

Leyton has found his new spot in the pantry…in the drink bucket.  He looks pretty excited and contained.  {January 25}

Playing in the snow!!!  You know building a snowman is serious business!  {January 26}

Leyton loves to get in the refrigerator when it is opened and every time, he pulls out an apple and starts eating it.  This little guy is something else! {January 27}

I watched Batman work on his moves in the mirror.  Yes, I know I have a tough job.  {January 28}

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