Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here comes the sun.

After the boys basketball games on Saturday, we spent the remainder of the day outside.  The sun was shining, most of the snow had melted and temperatures were in the 50's, yes it was a happy day.  I have decided our boys have been in Ohio way too long!   They were outside with shorts on while Kevin and I were in pants and long sleeves.  Not to mention that they said several times "It feels like summer."  Yeah, it was much warmer than it has been but not summer like.  Either way, we too advantage of the sun and temperatures since we knew it was not going to last.

There was a lot of swinging and Leyton was having the best time.

Kevin set up the baseball net and they did a little bit of spring training.

To say these boys have spring fever, is an understatement!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The big thaw

After having several inches of snow, we had a few days of somewhat warm weather.  Wonder what happens when all the snow melts…lots and lots of puddles.  As much as I tried to keep the boys out of the water, I knew it was just a matter of time before they were soaked.  And wouldn't you know, Rylan was the first to jump in the puddles.

Go figure!  I should mention that it was barely 50 degrees but that did not seem to bother these two.  Leyton and I just sat and watched this craziness.

I know I am not going to win "Mom of the Year" for letting them play in the freezing water but it was hard to say no when they were having so much fun.

Sometimes we just have to break the rules.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 7}

Playing catch-up around here.  Finally getting around to posting last weeks Everyday Joys.  Here is the recap:

Poor Leyton woke up with 103 fever.  I took him to the doctor first thing. He had a double ear infection and more than likely strep but we did not test him for it since they would treat it all the same.  This was the first real time Leyton has been sick and he was completely pitiful. {February 12}

Valentine's are ready for class parties.  {February 13}

Our littlest Valentine!  {February 14}

Saturday morning basketball.  Holden made 6 baskets! {February 15}

Rylan's buddy Grant, who moved to Virginia, was in town for the day and came over to play.  These two picked right up from where they left off.  They were running around, laughing and having the best time. Gosh, we miss this little guy. {February 16}

Holden and Rylan both had friends over for a sleepover.  Funny thing with these sleepovers, there is not a whole lot of sleeping going on!!!  But even with the lack of sleep, they had fun in the snow early the next morning.  {February 17}

Temperatures hit 50 degrees and I had my wild crew out enjoying some fresh air.   I know these temperatures will not last long.  {February 18}

It was a rather roller coaster week with weather, colds and lack of sleep but so much to be grateful for everyday.

Happy Valentine's Day!

After a week of the kids all being sick, I did not do too much on Friday.  I decorated the table and we had pancakes for breakfast.

Both boys had Valentine's Day class parties.  Rylan decide on these "Love Bug" mason jar Valentines.  We added gummy worms for his "love bugs."

 Holden decided on "Minions".  If you are wondering, the minions are twinkies.  These actually turned out really cute and Holden loved them.

I tried to get this little guy to pose for a picture with a chalkboard but instead he thought the chalkboard was a baseball and threw it.

So I tried again and got this sweet picture.

Holden had early release from school which I was glad since the snow started falling again.  What was suppose to be a dusting, ended up being close to 6 inches of snow.

Once all the kids were tucked in Kevin and I toasted to another Valentine's Day together.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 6}

Snow, Snow and more Snow.  Yes, it was yet another snow day but Rylan was up at 6:00 am ready to shovel the driveway.  Always the helper.  {February 5}

School was back in session, Leyton and I made a quick trip to the grocery store and this poor baby fell asleep on the way home.  It's tough being the third child! {February 6}

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles  {February 7}

Snowing again! {February 8}

Daddy's twin shoveling yet another round of snow.{February 9}

Kept Holden home from school because he was not feeling well, not to mention, he sounded horrible.  Took him to the doctor expecting to go home with a perscription however,  his doctor just said it was sinuses and to use a humidifier.  Before leaving I asked them to do a strep test.  Much to my surprise,  it came back negative.  On Tuesday, I sent him to school, only to have his doctor call me at 9:00 to let me know his strep test came back positive.  So back to school I went to get him.  I am sure I looked like a terrible mom sending him to school but he did not have a fever and his doctor did not prescribe anything except a humidifier.  Oh, the joys of motherhood.  {February 10}

My littlest lunch date.  {February 11}

It was a wild week of everyday joys but so much to be thankful for, even the snow.