Thursday, February 6, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 5}

A couple of days late but here is a recap of week 5 of Everyday Joys...

I was told to beware of Pirate Red.  {January 29}

My new reading material.  {January 30}

Make your own tacos and card games.  That's our Friday nights around here.  {January 31}

Leyton was so cute cheering on his brothers at basketball.  {February 1}

Super Bowl Sunday! {February 2}

Rylan loves to cook and make things together.  Today we made after school snacks filled with sprinkles.  {February 3}

The boys love their Valentine Coupon Book.  They have been "cashing" these in daily!  {February 4}

This past week the boys were all a little under the weather with colds. I am hoping we all have it out of our systems and are healthy again.  One can hope!  More everyday joys to come.

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