Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 7}

Playing catch-up around here.  Finally getting around to posting last weeks Everyday Joys.  Here is the recap:

Poor Leyton woke up with 103 fever.  I took him to the doctor first thing. He had a double ear infection and more than likely strep but we did not test him for it since they would treat it all the same.  This was the first real time Leyton has been sick and he was completely pitiful. {February 12}

Valentine's are ready for class parties.  {February 13}

Our littlest Valentine!  {February 14}

Saturday morning basketball.  Holden made 6 baskets! {February 15}

Rylan's buddy Grant, who moved to Virginia, was in town for the day and came over to play.  These two picked right up from where they left off.  They were running around, laughing and having the best time. Gosh, we miss this little guy. {February 16}

Holden and Rylan both had friends over for a sleepover.  Funny thing with these sleepovers, there is not a whole lot of sleeping going on!!!  But even with the lack of sleep, they had fun in the snow early the next morning.  {February 17}

Temperatures hit 50 degrees and I had my wild crew out enjoying some fresh air.   I know these temperatures will not last long.  {February 18}

It was a rather roller coaster week with weather, colds and lack of sleep but so much to be grateful for everyday.

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