Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here comes the sun.

After the boys basketball games on Saturday, we spent the remainder of the day outside.  The sun was shining, most of the snow had melted and temperatures were in the 50's, yes it was a happy day.  I have decided our boys have been in Ohio way too long!   They were outside with shorts on while Kevin and I were in pants and long sleeves.  Not to mention that they said several times "It feels like summer."  Yeah, it was much warmer than it has been but not summer like.  Either way, we too advantage of the sun and temperatures since we knew it was not going to last.

There was a lot of swinging and Leyton was having the best time.

Kevin set up the baseball net and they did a little bit of spring training.

To say these boys have spring fever, is an understatement!

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