Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's go sledding

It is safe to say, that we are not lacking in snow this winter.  Seriously, it has been a brutally cold and white winter thus far.  I know it is not over yet, so I am trying my best to embrace this time.  Usually Leyton watches Holden and Rylan play in the snow from the window.  However, today I bundled him up and we went out to join the boys.

You would have thought I gave Holden and Rylan candy, they were so excited Leyton was outside with them.

I am sure they thought they could spin him down the him but I put a stop to that idea pretty quick.

I did let Holden go down the hill with him and he loved it!  Leyton was smiling and giggling.

Since I let Holden sled with him, I had to let Rylan pull him in the baby sled.  I am trying to be fair over here.

 Again he loved it as long as he was moving.  I tried to take a quick picture and Leyton was not having it.  It was too cold so it was back to pulling him around.

Now, lets put things into perspective, it probably took me 30 minutes to get him dress and then he probably only lasted 20 minutes outside but it was well worth the smiles and giggles from these three!

I would have to say Leyton's first sledding experience was a success.

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