Thursday, March 20, 2014

End of the season games and a visitor!

Holden and Rylan both had their final basketball games this past weekend.  Much to their surprise my niece Allie had come in last Friday night.  Just in time for Saturday morning games.

Rylan played his little heart out and scored several baskets.

Holden game was a little more action packed.  They were up 20-2 forever and they all of a sudden it was down to the last minute and the score was 26-24.  Somehow they held the opposing team and won the game.  A great way to end the season.

 I made cookies for Rylan's team and Holden's team had a pizza party after theirs.

Since Allie was in town for spring break, we decided to hit the town.  Our first stop was Incline House for dinner.  This restaurant was eclectic with the best view of the city.

 If only it was warmer we could have sat on the deck to enjoyed the view. Maybe next time.  After dinner I drove her through downtown.  There is something about the city at night and lit up that makes it look so much prettier.  I personally never knew that Cincinnati was in lights at night.

I guess I do not get out much.  We made our way to Mt. Adams to see the view from Holy Cross Immaculata Church.

There are so many beautiful churches in this area but the view of the city for this one is incredible.  If only I would have brought my camera for better pictures.   My tour of Cincinnati did not stop, we drove through Oakley, Norwood, and Hyde Park where we found the cutest Wine Bar and shops.

Sunday we took a drive out to Valley Vineyard, our local winery.  We had a few tastings before deciding on the perfect Ohio wine to take home.

Our tour did not stop, we went to Graeter's for ice cream because that is the number one thing to have in Cincinnati.

Temperatures warmed up a bit and these kids were ready to play a friendly game of soccer.  Let's just say some people are were a little more competitive than others.

 Leyton loved being outside and running around.

Monday it was back to school for Holden but Rylan does not have school on Mondays so he was ready to play!  Poor Allie played street tennis for 3 hours with this energizer bunny.

We all took a walk to the park to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Of course Allie could not come without doing a little bit of shopping.  We hit the outlet mall and Trader Joe's while the kids were at school.  Once again the weather was beautiful and we played outside most of the afternoon.

It was so much fun having my niece in town.  We got to go out and try some new places and I added some new spots to try on my list as well.  Who knew Ohio was a college spring break destination…it probably is not but we are all so glad Allie decided make this her destination this year.

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