Friday, March 21, 2014

Everyday Joy {Week 11}

Week 11 of our Everyday Joys….

It's cold and it's snowing again.  Thankfully I bought a little spring inside.  {March 12}

It is Leyton's nightly strip run.  {March 13}

It was a St. Patrick's Day celebration at preschool.  I think Rylan was prepared.  {March 14}

Holden and Rylan had baseball and a basketball celebration so it was just me and this little guy on an adventure. {March 15}

"Put me in coach."{March 16}

Rylan loves to borrow my phone and take pictures of himself, toys, and random items throughout the house.  As I was deleting the 25 pictures he took today, I came across this one.  Leyton is tired, hungry and attached to my hip.  (This is our witching hour)  I suppose Rylan thought we looked pretty crazy with our hats that it was worthy of a picture and a good laugh.  Happy St. Patrick's Day. {March 17}

It was chilly but we were enjoying the outdoors.  {March 18}

I am hopeful that the cold temperatures are a thing of the past and that most of our joys will be outdoors.  A girl can hope, right!

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