Thursday, March 13, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 10}

Recap of the last week and our everyday joys.

It's a colorful Wednesday! {March 5}

Even Superman needs a sidekick. {March 6}

The weather was beautiful on Friday, so we stopped for frozen yogurt on our way home from school.  Did I mention we ate it outside?!  It was fabulous!  {March 7}

My niece got in late Friday night but just in time for the boys final basketball games on Saturday.  (More on her visit soon.)  {March 8}

We took Allie on a tour of Cincinnati, one of their favorite stops….Graeter's Ice Cream. {March 9}

Leyton LOVES the swings at the park!  {March 10}

Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous.  We took full advantage of the weather and played outside.  Especially since the forecast for Wednesday called for snow.  Here is a little peak at our afternoon chaos.  {March 11}

Time keeps slipping away and these little guys are growing so quickly.  Even with the chaos and mess I try to remind myself to embrace this season of life and our everyday joys.

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