Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 12}

This past week we had a roller coaster of temperatures.  It's funny how a little bit of sunshine can totally  change your mood.  If only it would last!  Our everyday joys this week reflect our roller coaster week as well….

And the chasing begins! {March 19}

March Madness! {March 20}

Sunshine and ice cream after school.  A perfect combination. {March 21}

Giggles between brothers.  {March 22}

"Mom, I am just trying to help you with dinner." {March 23}

Monday night card games.  {March 24}

Today is March 25th and it is snowing again!  Welcome to spring in Ohio.  {March 25}

Next week is full of activities so for the moment we will enjoy these somewhat quiet days and joys.

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