Friday, April 25, 2014

A perfect day for the zoo

After a VERY LONG winter, we have been itching to get out.  I think everyone else in Cincinnati had the exact same idea on Friday.  But we were not going to let the crowds bother us.  The tulips were in their peek and were beyond beautiful.

 I think this is by far my favorite time to visit the zoo not just to see the animals but for the tulips.  Leyton was so excited looking at all the animals.  He would point and giggle.


Holden and Rylan enjoyed the snakes, alligators, tigers and flamingos.  A little random but these were their favorites.

We could not visit the zoo without a ride on the carousel.  Leyton was so excited about his first time that he just kept laughing and smiling.  Nothing better than watching his reaction.

We packed our lunches and shortly after lunch Leyton was out!

Poor thing was exhausted!  While he slept, Holden and Rylan fed the giraffes, which is always a fun experience.

It was a fantastic Good Friday spent together.

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