Monday, April 21, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I feel like the boys and I have not done much leading up to Easter.  Maybe it is because the weather has not been that great but with that said we did have a really nice day on Thursday.  While Leyton was napping on Thursday, I set the boys up with eggs to color.

This year I took the easy way out and got a egg dyeing kit.  These two had the best time creating the best color combinations.  It was an Eggtravaganza.


I should do this more often!  They loved just sitting, creating and talking.  Literally they were content for hours.

I bought another kit that made the eggs into pirates.  This was a huge hit.  Just look at their cute creations.

I feel a little bad not including Leyton but I just pictured a huge disaster.  I think next year he will be old enough for his own little memories of dyeing eggs but for this year it was just the older two.

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