Sunday, April 13, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 14}

A recap of our week of joys….

This little guy is cute but he sure knows how to make a mess.  {April 2}

Games and practices were cancelled due to the rain.  So we did the next bast thing…dessert.  {April 3}

Bubbles and balls are all Leyton needs to keep him happy.  {April 4}

Saturday morning, pi's and shows.  {April 5}

Holden was off to baseball practice and could not decide which team to wear.  {April 6}

Savoring these bedtime snuggles. {April 7}

As I always say, these boys keep me on my toes.  I told Holden and Rylan that they could play outside after dinner before we called it a night.  Holden come running in to tell me to look at Rylan.  When I walked out, this is what I found…. Rylan in full catchers gear.  Well, since he was dressed for the occasion,  let's play ball.  {April 8}

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