Thursday, April 3, 2014

Museum Fun

Rylan was off this week for Spring Break and since Holden's is not until late April, we had to try to find some thing to do during the day.  Unfortunately, the weather was horrible this past week cold, rainy, snowy, which meant no activities outside.  Wednesday, I decided to take Rylan and Leyton to the Museum Center.

Rylan was soooo excited!  This was Leyton's first time to the museum and there was so much to explore.

We started out in the balls.

Funny story, Leyton and Rylan were standing close to each other and playing with the balls when some little girl, who was probably 3, came up to Leyton and threw a ball at him.  Rylan looked at Leyton, who was oblivious, then looked at the little girl and proceeded to throw a ball right back at her.  Well, I do not have to worry about Rylan sticking up for his brother.  He went from nice to nuclear in seconds.  After that little incident, we made our way to the construction zone and the water works.

I packed our lunch so we did not have to rush to leave, which meant more time to play.

Poor Leyton was exhausted!  He was asleep before I even started the car.  I am sure we will be back in a couple of weeks with Holden to explore some more.

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