Monday, April 14, 2014

Rylan's First Soccer Game!

Friday night was Rylan's first soccer game.  I know it may seem like we just started practicing last week {which we did} we actually were scheduled to start practicing about a month ago but the weather has not cooperated.  Thankfully, the weather was perfect on Friday for the game.  Rylan was dressed and ready for his game way before his 6:00 game time.

Before his game his little team stretched out.

And by the way, are they not the cutest kids!

Finally, it was game time.  Rylan, aka Bubba, was running and kicking and having the time of his life.   He even had a throw in to his teammate who then scored a goal.


All of running finally worked to his advantage, he got the ball and kicked it down the field for a GOAL!!!!

We were cheering like crazy!   I suppose we may have embarrassed him a bit because he put his hands over his ears.  Little Stinker!

It was such a fun and exciting game not to mentioned he had the time of his like.  Leyton was a little under the weather so I took him home while the boys headed to baseball.

A busy Friday night but it was so fun to be back out at the fields.

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