Thursday, May 8, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 17}

Here is our latest joys recap...

I think soccer fits this little guy pretty well.  He just keeps going and going….{April 23}

It's Fire Safety Week at Preschool. {April 24}

Future Player.  {April 25}

Oh Glorious Day.  {April 26}

Back at the fields to cheer on our first baseman Holden.  {April 27}

Call the talent scouts, this little 16 month old is ready to play ball.  {April 28}

It was a busy Tuesday around here.  Leyton kept me on my toes this afternoon scooting on his brothers old scooter.  My little sidekick loves being outside and I have to say, he is growing up way too fast.  {April 29}

Playing catch up with posting our Everyday Joys…more to come soon. 

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