Friday, May 9, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 18}

This weeks everyday joys…..

Little League has got to be the cutest age for baseball.  Just look at these little guys… {April 30}

Holden had a school field trip to the farm.  I could not chaperone, however, a friend of mine sent me this picture of Holden without a message.  I then sent it to Kevin with a note, "Your son".  He responded saying, " Look on the bright side, at least they are not fishing him from the pond."  TRUE!  Holden is such a country boy and had the best time, even if I could not share the experience with him.  And the mud, well, it was all part of the experience.  {May 1}

The perfect springtime dessert.  {May 2}

For the past two days Rylan has sat and watched the "Worker Men" build our neighbors porch with his tools right beside him.  {In hopes that they ask him to help build}  He is a little guy with a building dream.  {May 3}

Leyton's first watercolor painting experience.  Verdict:  I think he likes it.  {May 4}

We were not even home two minutes from church before Leyton was visualizing his next at bat.   {May 5}

Rylan's soccer cheering team!  {May 6}

With school winding down there has been so much activity from sports to school concerts, fun with friends, and just enjoying the beautiful weather!  I have lots of pictures to post in the coming days.  I has been crazy around here, but even with the craziness I am trying to remind myself that this chaos I will miss one day so I might as well enjoy these times while I can.

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