Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Game On!

It is very rare that I ever get to take pictures at the boys games due to the fact that I am running after Leyton non-stop!  Yes, his is a busy little guy!  But finally I was able to capture a few from Holden's last game.

This season has been a little different than last years but his team seems to be finally getting the hang of it.  One of the reason is that it is all kid pitch, which is interesting.  I think Holden has gotten hit at least 3 times.

 But overall he seems to be having a good time.  Tuesday game was a fun one.  The kids were excited and playing well.

Holden had some good hits and plays in the field.  And our little Yankees came home with a WIN!

Whoo, Hoo!  Don't let Holden's face fool you, he was happy, he calls this his "game face."  Boys!!!

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