Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Play Ball!

Baseball season has begun for Rylan.  His team is comprised of most of his preschool buddies which means, he is having a ton of fun.

The first game was a hoot.  There were a couple of kids who ran to first base with the bat, a couple who did not know where to run when they got a hit and a couple of kids who actually understood what was going on.


Rylan played first and third base.  While he was playing those positions, he got 4, yes 4 OUTS!

Holden and Leyton were cheering on their brother.

Leyton has become a little obsessed with baseball especially his bat and ball.  They go everywhere with us!

Rylan's first game was a hit, no pun intended. Especially since his grandparents were able to come and watch him play.

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