Thursday, July 10, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 24}

This week was nothing less that a crazy roller coaster of emotions.  Rylan was a complete accident all week!  First he got hit with a baseball in his face, the next day he fell off his scooter and landed face first, then to top the week off he decided to shave with Kevin's razor, which I have no clue how he found one because he was out of town all week!  Yes, he keeps me on my toes!  If that was not enough for one week, we had a moms squirrel get into our roof and have babies!  Thankfully the Critter Control company removed them.  Lastly, we received the sad news that Kevin's friend had lost his battle with cancer.  I think in these moment is when I take a step back and realize that all this other "stuff" in my life really does not matter.  Life is precious and so are our everyday joys.

"Beacause I'm Happy"….
While Holden was at camp this morning, I took Rylan and Leyton on a parkapalooza.  {3 parks in # hours}.  Despite the rain, we all had a blast and these two had a ton of fun together.  It's these simple moments that make me realize what really matters in life…love laughter, and for these two, lots of snacks! {June 11}

With all the rain, our garden has exploded.  {June 12}

After days of rain, the sun is finally shining!  It's a happy Friday indeed. {June 13}

I am trying to remind myself that these days pass by so quickly {Especially when I am chasing this little guy around the pool!}  {June 14}

Happy Father's Day to one great Dad!  {June 15}

He shoots, he scores!  {June 16}

Summertime fun while their brothers are at camp.  {June 17}

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