Friday, July 11, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 26}

Another busy but fun week recap….

I took the boys to the pool this afternoon before the rain rolled in.  As we were there, I talked to another couple and their family.  While we were talking, I kept thinking that the father looked familiar but I could not figure out how I knew him.  It wasn't until my boys were throwing balls with him in the pool that it hit me…..this was Drew Lachey and his family!!!  Yes, I am totally clueless but this made for a fun Wednesday.  {June 25}

Are we there yet?  {June 26}

Life in a small town.  {June 27}

My sweet Grandaddy and the boys.  {June 28}

Until next time Tennessee…  {June 29}

Superheros share too.  {June 30}

Holden practicing his tricks,  I wonder just how long until an injury?! {July 1}

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