Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Snorkeling and Crabbing Adventures

Wednesday was our adventure day at the beach.  We decided to go snorkeling.  Holden was super excited and actually I think he was the first one off the boat looking for fish and creatures.

First he found a crab and then lots of other little creatures too.

Yes, even little Leyton got to go snorkeling.

Rylan was busy collecting shells and crabs.

Once we loaded back on the boat it was time to race the crabs.  Wouldn't you know our little crabs did not move an inch.  Go figure.

As we headed back to shore we were taking in the Florida shore line and saw dolphins!  I absolutely love dolphins and this was such an experience to see them up close.

Keeping with the adventures we went out night crabbing.

 Last year we could not find any while we were in Hilton head so we were hoping for better luck this year.

As luck would have it, we hit the jackpot!  The boys were so excited running around with their nets and flashlights.


We ended up catching about 15.  Oh the fun!  These really are the times that they remember the most.  Sure their little adventures get bigger when they tell the story of night crabbing but they were so sweet running and chasing the crabs together.

More beach fun to come….

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