Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 33}

Week 33 we spent most of our days at the pool enjoying the last days of summer.

Little fishy.  {August 13}

Knockout….Brother vs. Brother.{August 14}

Coffee and finalizing our new house plans. {August 15}

It was a weekend of fun with friends.  Kings Island, Laser Kraze and the pool.  I know Holden and Rylan are going to miss these friends like crazy! {August 16}

Always snacking! {August 17}

Mondays are rough. {August 18}

These two have decided they want to start running.  {Can I get an Amen!} Don't mind the no shirts, necklaces, and tattoos, it's all part of the running look they said. {August 19}

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