Monday, August 25, 2014

On the road….again!

At this moment in time, I feel like our lives are going a million directions.  Between selling this house here in Ohio, to buying a house in Wisconsin, finding a school for the boys, doctors records, paperwork and every other thing you could think of, I knew I had to have some type of plan.  I feel that I can adapt  to most situations but the unknown causes me extreme anxiety.  After our last house hunting trip to Wisconsin, I felt like we were back at square one with a house.  We did not like anything or the ones we liked were not in the location we wanted.  I knew I had to go back up there and make a decision on a house so then I could decide on a school.  Thankfully, schools up there do not start until after Labor Day.  I packed the kids up and headed to Madison for the weekend.  As soon as we got there we went to see a house that we liked but as soon as we got there, they had accepted an offer.  Sure it was not perfect but it was doable.  Friday, I went out to see a couple of houses and we quickly crossed them off the list.  It was becoming extremely frustrating with the lack of houses on the market.  However, I will admit the views were beautiful.

With nothing left to look at we took a break on Saturday for a little fun.  We decided to check out the Athletic Club, since everyone had recommend it to us.  Well, this was just what we needed…pure fun!  The weather was actually warmer than it was in Cincinnati so we tried out the pool first.  They had zip lines, water slides, waterfalls, lazy rivers, and tubing to name a few.  Plus a huge sandbox and sand volleyball courts.

The boys absolutely loved it.  Holden's favorite was the zip line.


Even Kevin had to try it out.


Rylan loved the tube slides and rope jungle gym.  He is the energizer bunny and never touched the water.

Leyton's favorite was the waterside.  I think we went down it a 100 times and each time he would laugh and say, "More, more."


It was a much needed break from our chaos.

Sunday I took Rylan and Leyton to the park while Holden had his second day of baseball tryouts.{more on that later}  The views of Lake Mendota were just too pretty not to take a closer look.  Rylan loved skipping rocks on the water, and these two could not resist the water after our  morning walk.


It was so peaceful and pretty.

We ended up not going back to Ohio on Monday, instead we explored the Children's Museum since our Cincinnati passes work in Wisconsin as well.  This museum was hands on with painting, cutting and and had the neatest roof top garden.  We tried to check it out before the rain set in but our time was cut short. However,  the kids made the most of this rain day inside the museum.

Tuesday we headed down to the zoo.  It is a small zoo but it had several animals that we do not have at our zoo.


After Leyton's nap the sun was out and we decided to take a dip in the lake.  This is just one of many local "lake beaches".  It was really quiet and peaceful, such a difference from what we are used to.

I think once we get everything closed out in Ohio, we will enjoy our time in Wisconsin.  It's an adventure right?!

So back to Holden's try out…We had planned to allow Holden to try out for a travel baseball team here in Ohio but then obviously plans changed.  Kevin looked into teams in Madison and talked to several leagues and decided he really liked one organization.  He found out when tryouts were and we planned to be in town that weekend.  After a two day tryout,  we were notified a couple of days later that Holden had made the team!!!!  We are so proud of Holden.  Not just because he made the team but for the fact that he did this all on his own and had the courage to put himself out there not knowing a single sole.   We know it took a lot of self confidence, courage and will to accomplish.  And as you can see, it paid off.  This is the newest member of the GRB Rays.  His coaches both played professional baseball, however, they are not out to win every game.  Instead their mission is to learn fundamentals of baseball.  After this past season, it is a welcomed change.  I think this is going to be a great organization for Holden and hopefully this will get him back to the reason why he  plays ball,  because he loves the game.

Wondering if we found a house….well, YES.  We found a house that was in the early stages of being built. We made some changes to the existing floor plan, like adding another room in the basement and taking some doors out of the original plan so it feels more open,  made an offer and lucky us, they accepted.  In the coming weeks you will see progress on our Wisconsin prairie cottage and our new place we will call home.

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