Sunday, August 31, 2014

Splash Pad Adventures

We are in a hotel for the next week before our temporary apartment is ready, (yes, this move has been an adventure!) So each day the boys and I have gone out exploring.  Mostly to parks, the Children's Museum, the lake and to some fabulous splash pads.  As soon as we spotted this park, Rylan yelled, "Can we go there?"  You know what buddy…sure we can.  First let me start by saying, Leyton could not wait to run through the water.  He was squealing with delight.  As soon as I put him down, he was off and running!

Gosh this little guy has no fear! Holden and Rylan played at the park for awhile before joining Leyton in the water.

Did I mention that this park was beautiful? I do not think the pictures do it justice, it is surrounded by ponds and prairie land.


This park was a win-win for us all.

We visited the Children's Museum as well this week, where we got to meet these cute little guys that hatched a month ago.

The boys also did lots of exploring at the museum as well.


Friday morning we were out early since the weather forecast was calling for rain however, it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  First we visited a neat castle park which had everything from a toddler zone to lots of climbing for the older two.  After everyone was good and hot, we headed over to the splash pad.  This splash pad was a farm theme and was adorable.  Again Leyton was so excited to get wet.  Once he was let down, he was running around like a wild man and was enjoying every second of the water.

 I actually think Holden and Rylan enjoyed this splash pad more because of the buckets of water that dropped from time to time.  They thought it was great to get under and to get drenched.

So while the boys enjoyed getting buckets of water dumped on them,  they also enjoyed seeing Leyton's reaction to it all as well.

I suppose it does not matter where we are, they will always have each other to entertain and have fun together.

School starts next week and even though I know we are all ready for a routine, I know we will miss these carefree days of summer.

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