Monday, August 11, 2014

Visiting our new home

We headed north a couple of weeks ago to look at houses and tour a couple of schools.  On the way up to Wisconsin we were all mesmerized with the miles and miles of windmills in northern Indiana.

They were amazing.  Leyton pointed and yelled at each one he saw.  I will be honest, driving through Chicago took off a year of my life.

Seriously!  There were tolls, lanes that just end, lots of honking, and traffic.  The traffic was 10x worse than Atlanta.  I was thankful when we were out of Illinois.

Our first day in Wisconsin we toured schools for the boys and found a great one that they will both attend this year.  After touring schools we met our realtor and looked at several houses.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the style of the homes there.  With that said, we did narrow the search to a certain neighbor hood.  Just check out these views….

I also love this plaque.

Our second day we spent the morning exploring.  We went downtown to the Farmers Market.  It was huge and jammed packed!

But that did not stop these guys from getting treats.

We toured the capital, per our history buff, Holden.  It really was much prettier than I had expected.  We went to the roof top to view the lakes.  And had a fun time spotting all of the badgers.

While we were downtown, we made our way over to the University to get the boys some Badgers gear.  Yes, we are embracing the hometown teams, however not giving up our love for Ole Miss and Florida.

Finally stop on our morning tour was to of the famous Dotty Dumplings Dowry. {They are known for their cheese burgers}

We made our way back to Ohio without a house but at least with a little sign that we will all enjoy Wisconsin once we are settled in, especially these views.

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