Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple Picking!

One of our favorite fall activities is going apple picking.  I was not sure if we were going to be able to find an orchard here in Wisconsin but little did I know there are several in this area…who knew!

As soon as we got there, Rylan and Leyton ran over to check out the chickens.

These two! once we had our bags and wagon, we were off to the orchards to pick.


I think Holden and Rylan love going apple picking because they see this as an opportunity to climb a tree.

Seriously,  these boys!  However, I will hand it to them that they did pick some great apples from the tops of the trees.

Leyton helped pick apples too but mainly he was our quality control taste tester.  And he did LOTS of tasting, as did the others.

We took a tractor ride around the farm where we found the best little tire swing that everyone had to try out.

Our trip to the apple orchards would not be complete without a group picture of these three pumpkins.

As much as our lives are completely chaotic at this time, we are trying to remember that these days are fleeting.   These family traditions are not only fun outings for us but it helps keep our family in a sense of normalcy.  It also has us planning more new fall adventures in Wisconsin, and trust me there are plenty of fall farms and activities to keep us busy until we official move into our house.  Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

Well, I do…Happy Fall Y'all!

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