Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Day of School

Last week was the boys first day of school.  Before school, I tried to take as many pictures of these two as I could but the whole time I was thinking, bless these teachers hearts.

Holden was a bit nervous about his first day of Third Grade.

New school, new friends,  whereas, Rylan was so excited for his first day of Kindergarten.

Much like their personalities!

Since our day to day life is a little bit crazy at the moment, I ended up just doing flowers for their teachers.

Don't worry, next year I will have crafty first day gifts ready to go. HA!

Once the bell rang, Holden wanted to go on his own to his locker and class so Kevin and I walked Rylan to his classroom.

This little Kindergartener sat right down and started playing.

After school I made our traditional "First Day of School" cookie.  Which these two goofballs LOVED!

I can not believe we have a Kindergartener and Third Grader!!  Where has the time gone!  As this school year begins,  I am praying for a smooth transition.  Sure I know there will be days when they miss their friends but I pray that they meet great friends here and that both Holden and Rylan have a great school year.

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