Saturday, September 20, 2014

Soccer season has begun...

We signed Rylan up for club soccer in the area that we live.  Since we did not get up here until the week before Labor Day, we missed out on a couple of practices prior to their first game.  Not knowing what to expect, I warned the coaches that Rylan was a "little" aggressive.  From the expressions on their faces, I know they were thinking, "Oh, this lady thinks her kid is great. "

Well, soon after the game began, Rylan scored 3 goals within minutes and his coach quickly pulled him to the sidelines to sit out.

Not that I think that was fair but I understood.  He was passing the ball to his teammates but if they did not kick it quick enough, Rylan took over.  Yes, we know he is out of hand but honestly, watching the game was hilarious!  

This league is a little different from what we are used to, they play 3 games within an hour.  So when his first games were all said and done, Rylan made 9 GOALS!!!!

Crazy, but he said he had fun.  I am sure this soccer season will be an interesting one so stay tuned….

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