Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 40}

Week 40 recap of Every Day Joys...

Let them eat cake!!{October 1}

It may be a dreary Thursday but the view at the park was beautiful.

Recently I heard a sermon that reminded me to enjoy my season in life {craziness and all}.  It also reminded me to take joy from the simple things in life.  Fast forward to today, Leyton has it all figured out…playing in the leaves brought this little guy so much joy.  Yep, it's the simple things.  {October 2}

It's an exciting Friday night. {October 3}

HOTTY TODDY!!!{October 4}

No matter how many times I get Leyton off the table, he some how makes it back to his favorite spot.  {October 5}

A taste of fall.{October 6}

Spotted a rainbow as we were driving through the "Crossroads of America".  This small reminder of God's promises was just what I needed today.  {October 7}

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