Friday, October 3, 2014

Off to the farm we go...

Saturday afternoon we loaded up the kids and headed out to a local farm.  There were animals that the kids loved.  Seriously, look at Rylan.  He absolutely loves animals and for some reason, they love him too.

Leyton is a lot like Rylan, he loves animals as well.

Holden on the other hand is our cautious child when it comes to animals and always follows the two finger touch rule.

Funny how you can have boys and all of their personalities are so different.  I thought for sure Leyton would love the pony ride but shortly after he was on, he wanted off.


The kids enjoyed the tunnel slides and the tire maze before we headed off into the corn maze.


 Somehow, I always get lost in these mazes no matter what.

We picked pumpkins (even though we have NO place to put them).  Not only that, Holden and Kevin picked the biggest pumpkins out in the field.

Poor little Leyton was so upset that he could not carry his pumpkin around.

He thought the farmer what stealing his prize pumpkin.  Good times:)

No, seriously, everyone had fun.  The weather was beautiful and the boys were filthy, all signs of a good day.

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